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SSLG Action Plan


Raise Awareness of the Summer Learning Gap: 

  • Distribute pamphlets to parents in low income areas


  • Send emails and letters to and meet city, county, state,

    and federal officials to discuss summer learning gap.


  • Approach media to recognize the importance of summer learning and provide solutions to their audience/readers.


  • Write newspaper articles


  • Visit school principals, teachers, and school district



  • Ask debate clubs in schools and colleges to include a topic that “Government should provide free summer school to children from low income families”


  • Meet student bodies (ASBs) in other schools and provide information for them to set up a club that focuses on summer learning gap


  • Develop a dedicated website and press releases



Advocate for the development of SSLG for low-income families:


  • Partner with numerous renowned institutions such as the National Summer Learning Association and attend these groups’ conferences


  • Meet with local and national leaders to discuss summer learning gap and ask for development of summer programs


  • Organize conference in Orange County and invite local, state and national leaders


  • Ultimate goal of this club is to successfully raise awareness about the summer learning gap and provide children of low-income families in Orange County and Los Angeles the opportunities they need to succeed in life through quality academic summer programs. 


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Create and implement summer educational programs:


  • Develop summer tutoring programs for children from low-income families


  •  Hand out pamphlets to parents about summer programs in their area


  • Volunteer at institutions offering summer programs

  • Ask private institutions to provide free or subsidized summer programs to low-income family children


  • During the summer, members of the club will meet with groups of these students and teach them in a safe environment


  • Develop programs at local libraries for summer learning in low income areas 


SSLG Action Plan & Activities

  • SSLG members attended the National Summer Learning Association’s “Summer Changes Everything” conference in San Antonio, Texas.


  • SSLG wrote emails to debate leagues around the country requesting them to include the topic “that the government should provide free summer school to underprivileged students.”


  • SSLG has partnered with National Summer Learning Association, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Think Together 


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