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Students who do not use summer to enhance academic learning lose 2 months of math and reading ability every year 



Students who use summer for academic progress advance 1 month in math and reading 



By the end of 5th Grade, the difference in reading in math between these two groups is 2 years and it continues to increase into high school 



What is the Summer Learning Gap?
  • The summer learning gap, or slide, refers to children of low socioeconomic backgrounds falling behind in academics during the summer, while their middle- and upper-class peers continue to advance during the vacation


  • These children have few educational opportunities to pursue because of their financial situation

  • This tremendous discrepancy in summer learning continues to grow and traps these children in an everlasting cycle of poor academic performance 


President: Ali Ansari, a Junior at Sage Hill School, took over leadership of SSLG in 2019.  He was the Vice President of the club during his Freshman and Sophomore years.  Ali is passionate about social justice, philosophy, law, and debate. Ali has been instrumental in expanding SSLG's vision and program to other high schools, and he continues to deliver direct programs to bridge the summer gap and advocate for change.  Ali is also the President and Founder of ACT Debate.  Ali has partnered with a number of students to provide debate coaching to individuals and middle schools in the Orange County area.


What is SSLG?

SSLG is a club with the mission to reduce the summer learning gap through the following strategies:


  1. Raise awareness about the summer learning slide and its impact on low-income family children.

  2. Create and implement a summer educational program in low-income areas of Orange County and Los Angeles.

  3. Advocate for the development of free and high-quality summer programs for low-income families.

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